Strategy consulting

1.pngIn international markets, decisions must be made regarding products and know-how as well as distribution methods.

Country prioritization

Not all markets are created equally. It is therefore necessary for a company to prioritize investments according to each country, which can increase its chance of gaining a foothold and consolidating its presence in the long term.

Criteria :


  • Consumer surveys: What are the consumer structures in each target country, and what are the special features?
  • What are the traditional distribution channels in the target country: large-scale, nationwide distribution or small sales units or even specialist retailers?
  • Purchasing power according to the customer segment
  • Purchasing criteria


  • What are the drivers of demand in the industry? Are they price sensitive or are they long-term investments with high performance requirements?
  • Size and potential
  • Openness to international companies
  • Local competition

Business plan

ACCT provides the appropriate business plan for each strategy.

We will assist you with the investments to be planned, the key element of your business plan, free of charge.

The projected revenues require an in-depth study, for which we are happy to make an offer.

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