Recruitment, support, and retention of sales representatives and technical sales staff

The BtoB relationship is essential for the distribution of technical products and the support of large-scale customers. This requires recruiting good field sales representatives. Each profile differs from country to country. 

Recruitment methods, management / human resources management differ considerably from country to country. Fatal pitfalls can easily be overseen. However, whoever knows and respects the business practices of the target market can effectively seize market opportunities.

We are glad to offer you advice on the following topics:

1. Efficient recruiting of personnel

  • Defining applicant profiles
  • Determining the search strategy
  • Candidate searches and selection interviews
  • Budgeting of sales representatives

2. Management of field sales representatives

  • Target agreements
  • Forecasting and management of sales representatives
  • Reporting
  • Controlling and performance assessment
  • Communication channels and team motivation

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