Optimizing sales

optimisationOver time, established distribution structures in France can become inefficient due to outdated methods, stalled processes, and routine. For sales structures that do not achieve the desired outcomes, it is important to perform a thorough audit before reorganizing them or deciding to make investments.

Habits of many sales representatives, who are used to an individualistic environment, cannot be changed by simply giving instructions. Formal instructions are either rejected or even bypassed. In addition, it should be pointed out that management, sales planning, communication, and sales techniques are very different due to a number of intercultural factors.

If you want to make dynamic changes to sales structures, introduce changes or new methods of distribution, and defuse any possible objections in advance, it is advisable to perform an impulse workshop to show new possible solutions to the employees.

Content of the strategy and sales workshops

  • Acquisition planning
  • Optimizing the target client portfolio
  • Conducting acquisition campaigns
  • Categorizing market segments
  • Adapting how you present your argument and approach the client
  • Time optimization for decision makers and pre-sales
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Drawing up the offer und project management
  • Reporting and commercial tracking
  • Sales and error analysis – backloop

Sales audits in preparation for the workshops

In preparation for the workshop, a situation analysis of the subsidiary is carried out. This is done to identify practical ways by interviewing employees in various positions, to find out about any room for improvement, suggestions, and expectations.

The plausibility of the information collected can be checked by comparing the suggestions of one person with the opinion of another within the scope of the workshop, ultimately to find an efficient and uniform solution.

As a specialist in intercultural dynamics, we will ensure that:

  • A positive interviewing strategy is applied, which calls for the interviewees to attend a workshop, that is, take part in an exercise that focuses on whether a business purpose based on their own vision and suggestions will encourage inclusion and allay suspicion.
    If such a situation analysis is announced with the “official and positive” objective of identifying weaknesses and collecting suggestions from employees in order to discuss them with the management at a strategy workshop, you will find that most employees will lend a very sympathetic ear to the matter.
  • An overall open interviewing technique is applied; a supported attitude and questioning of the suggestions to be presented to the company, personal wishes, and reservations. We will also provide direct intercultural advice to the interviewees with the objective of an improved understanding of their colleagues and foreign management.

The combination of a positive interviewing strategy and an open interviewing technique, in turn, provides for a strong opening and allows them to obtain relatively reliable information on the dysfunctions and needs of employees and accordingly collect recommendations that can be immediately implemented for the required corrective actions.

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