Acquisitions, strategic alliances, investments and joint ventures

External growth is a means of accelerating market share and ensuring a presence in foreign markets. A successful action requires complete synergies with the target company.

We will accompany you in 4 important stages:

Approaching the client

Determining the profile of the target companies

  • Depending on whether or not the sale of companies in the target market is a normal process,
  • Depending on whether or not there is a significant “deal flow” in the target market,
  • Depending on your own unique selling points regarding sales/markets and technology/know-how in order to ensure real synergies.


  • A detailed and qualified long list,
  • A short list depending on the expected synergies and the likelihood of the target companies showing interest …

Direct contact to the target company

Establishing an AIDA diagram

  • A Attention: what we offer, our plus, our advantages
  • I Interest: what interests us the most about you
  • D Desire: the expected synergies for both parties
  • A  Action : depth of financial integration; purchase, participation, etc. …


Phase 1: Presentation – the strategic and human fit
Phase 2: Analysis of the compatibility of technology and processes – the organizational fit
Phase 3: Contract preparation – evaluation, LOI
Phase 4: Shareholder package preparation phase – sales planning – business plan


Hard facts, of course, contracts, employment contracts, finances, accounting etc. …
Soft facts must also be taken into account.


  • Gaining a personal assessment of each key person in relation to their professional and social competencies
  • Analyzing the conditions for their retention with the company with regard to tasks, management environment, compensation and benefits, future guarantees by means of contracts or transfer of shares.
  • Providing a career plan for the staff: Positions/functions, training.
  • Preparing a PMI integration program
  • If necessary, adapting the company structure:
    • Determining the positions to be filled
    • Considering replacements as a solution
  • Budgeting:
    • If necessary, severance pay
    • Financial and practical resources for recruiting
  • Composing an integration program for new employees

We work with external partners to complete audits and draw up contracts.

Integration and intercultural management workshops

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