Gilles Untereiner frequently speaks at conferences, economic events, or other events in the international business environment.

Mr. Untereiner gives presentations in French, German, or English. The topics and presentation length can be coordinated with him in advance. Please address any inquires to Gilles Untereiner: acct@acct-international.com or 00 49 (0) 173 52 77 540.

Gilles Untereiner, ACCT

His talks and presentations are directed towards (1) newcomers on the French or German market, (2) companies already operating in France or Germany which seek to expand and focus their activities as well as (3) other topics specific to France / Germany.

1. Introductory talks for newcomers:

For companies with little or even no experience in France or Germany, it is important to ask the right questions before making any decisions:

  • In my industry, can I consider France / Germany as a fringe market or a strategic market?
  • Is my product standardized enough for it to be distributed by retailers or commercial agents? If not, how can I test the market before hiring my own field sales representatives?
  • Do I need a branch office from the very beginning or is it enough to simply have a point of contact to get started?
  • Is there an option of setting up a strategic alliance with French or German companies or even acquiring a French or German company?

Gilles Untereiner has the answers. Drawing on 40 years of experience in the Franco-German economic environment, he has already supported many companies in entering the respective neighboring market.

3. Expert talks on various topics concerning France / Germany:

  • Finding sales representatives and distributors and securing their loyalty
  • Budgeting of sales representatives Salaries, social security contributions, expenses
  • B-to-B marketing, network marketing, professional databases
  • Project management in France / Germany
  • Customer service and retention / relationship management
  • Employment contracts and remuneration for sales staff
  • Personnel management – KPI – goals – reporting – controlling
  • Travel expense reports – car and food expenses, overnight stays – expenditures or lump sum – TVS (French/German tax on company cars)

2. Intermediate talks for companies that are already active in France or Germany:

For companies that seek to expand their presence in France or Germany, Mr. Untereiner offers presentations on three major areas: Sales, setting up a new location & customer relationship management, and external growth:

  • Sales: Recruiting sales representatives, supporting sales staff, sales interim – sales outsourcing
  • Setting up a new location and customer relationship management: Customer relationship management, founding a company and managing a subsidiary
  • External growth: Strategic alliances, acquisitions, investments and joint ventures

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