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Breakdown of GDP in Germany 1970-2015

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, the industry still accounted for 40.30% of GDP in 1970, but this rate has declined, as in all industrialized countries, down to 25.70% (the EU posts a rate 22.2% compared to 11.4% for France).

This demonstrates Germany’s willingness to continue in the manufacturing sector in the face of a trend that sees other countries moving away from manufacturing.


The most important German industrial branches – 2016

The following branches have a high added value and strong technical differentiation, which shows that German products have a relatively low elasticity of demand.

Sector / 2016Turnover in billions of eurosNumber of employees
Automotive industry407828
Agrofood industry171580
Electrotechnical industry168706

Source: German Federal Statistical Office


Range of German exports

These are essentially high value-added products with a low elasticity at a variable price.

Industry (in billions of euros)20162017
Automotive industry228234
Office machines – computer equipment100111
Metals and metal products8997
Electrotechnical industry7683
Aircraft and spacecraft6058
Food processing and animal feed industry5154
Rubber and plastics4346

Source: German Federal Statistical Office